Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finally some news!

Hey guys!

End of August I decided to go to Dahab to get some windsurfing after an awesome trip to Indonesia. My new gear arrived right in time before I left... ! And guess what: i changed my sponsors. I am now riding on JP boards and Neilpryde Sails! I am so happy with my new is simply perfect! Boards and Sails are magic! them!

Ok back to Dahab! Had amazing 3 weeks there. Met a lot of really good friends again and found some new. We formed to a pretty cool multiculti group this time and had an awesome time! We made some pretty cool stuff which u will hear and see about soon! Enjoyed it so much! Thanks to all of u guys!
Sailing in Dahab was as expected really good. Windy every day and perfect conditions. Used my 4,9 and 4,5 most of the time!

make sure to check out the pics!

take care

yeah some more news:
make sure to check out the videos for the AS ÖM Videocontest! The first Vids are online aready! Trying to find out all the links and post it!

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