Friday, July 31, 2009

No Wind, High Temperatures…

But still a lot of fun. There’s no wind and no real waves in Sotavento/Fuerte at the moment, so instead of freestyling on our windsurf gear, we’re ripping the waves in La Pared and started some improvisational photo shootings in our backyard.

We have hot days, long nights and awesome parties!!!

Fuerte Crew rocks!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something new


we are trying to find some new ways to film, hehe!

some days ago we tried something different with our Red Bull Mobile action cam, its really niiiiiiice!

Now we are not able to film so much, because yesterday the freestyle worlcup started and "we are in", so stay tuned for further updates of the contest and our video!!!!

Tomorrow the second double (single) elimination starts, keep the finger crossed for us!

let the good times roll

maui, tisi, lorenz

Friday, July 24, 2009


keule keule messner messner aka. team MFC

others are nearly done with their trip - not team mfc - we slowly start getting ready for takeoff to south america

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the wind is in, let the party begin

sry, we check down to the beach now...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The shit is boiling

So the hole team arrived and even two other teams are already in fuerte! Sick!

The conditions are quite normal for fuerte, 40 knots, chop, party, ...

We have destroyed so much stuff, unbeliveable:

-F2 Chili
-Naish Freestyle 100
-Naish Session 4.0
-Naish Session 4.7

Nevertheless the level is getting higher and higher, we push each other, Tisi is already quite close to the waterstart one-handed, we think "HE PULLS" it tomorrow.

Some days ago, we went to the north and we cought some NICE conditions, 4.7 with ramps aroung 2 meter and wind sideshore from the right!

Today we were fliping the burgers around, big big BBQ, niiiiiiiiiiice!

let the good times roll
tisi, micho, lorenz

3 Words…

…to describe our last week in Fuerte!!!



and Improvement.

Arriving last Monday we didn’t really know what to expect from this trip. The first few days felt pretty strange, if you think about typical Fuerte conditions.

But then the wind picked up, some waves came and the overpowered-sessions began. Some of us started with some big action and huge crashes. Boards broke, sails tear apart and some scarves appeared on our bodies. But still motivated our skills improved and we continued with working on our video.


“The team still with no name”

Monday, July 20, 2009

windy weekend!

pic from

After some exhausting (due to no-wind action) weeks of calm, the wind payed a visit to lake neusiedl last weekend! There were a lot of surfers on the water and decent wind pressure in the sails. Some rainy and cold hours for the 4,2 m² sail at saturday, followed by a very sunny 5,7 m² session on sunday made it a nice weekend!

Hopefully the next windy days are coming soon!

the underdog project

Monday, July 13, 2009

so mauritius, so f****** RUMicious

since almost one week we are on paradise island...never used bigger sails than 4,7. the RUM is very tasty, the waves are GLASSY and the SHARKS are hungry! be aware of the next update.
Rip HardER

Friday, July 10, 2009

the next team is about to be revealed!

A group of windsurfing friends, maybe not capable of the sickest moves on the water but defenitly equipped with some sick ideas concerning the movie, are about to stir up the contest!

Actually wainting for wind at the homespot Weiden/ Lake Neusiedl, gathering ideas while torturing our livers, we’re looking forward to some hardcore-strongwind-action at karpathos at the end of august! During the rest of the summer we‘ll keep you up to date about the action at lake neusiedl !

Chrisi, Habschi, Raphi, Tomme

Thursday, July 9, 2009


NICE, 2. Surfing day in fuerte! both days on my 4.7 pretty cool! today we had a nice
evening session with some DUDES from Brazil, they are ripping really good! today we were at the second center and we had the LAGOON, so nice for freestyle!!!!

Yesterday we sailed at center one and had even some waves for jumping! Backloop, Frontloop and such nice things!!!!

So we keep you updated, i am looking forward to next week, because on tuesday the other guys will arrive!

let the good times roll!


pic: nokia n 96

Hazlo en grande o vete a casa!!!!!!!!!

Finally we were able to renew some of our creative neurones destroyed in Podo… The strange weather, several alcoholic drinks and a lot of spare time helped us a lot…. the result of our creative fine tuning work... our team logo with tribute to “Schau a Vogerl…”

As our camping site is growing into a jungle in these days we have been trying to find our equipment in the man-high grassland and packed our bags. The last replacement parts have been delivered today, so Pozo we´re coming…. Even if some of us are currently trying to find additional balls :) Meaning nature didn´t gave them any or begging they are big enough....

Hopefully we do not have to go home...

Gernot, Max und Kerstin

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

moving one place further!

After two weeks of pretty shit wind conditions, I will move to mykonos, looks much better, and hope to get there some good footage! Until now there were bad wind conditions, but we had sun and warm weather, for sure better than in austria!

pray for a better update this week from mykonos!!!

Greetz Armin

moving one place further!

off to...

Tomorrow morning Tom and I will be off to Mauritius...
be prepared for the following pics and THE MOVIE!

take care Alex

Monday, July 6, 2009

surfing testicles going for party

at the moment the windsituation in austria is, like you would say in UA Kingdom, really beschissen (=no wind)....

so the crew have to make party, big party....really hard drinking action last weekend, so we are preparing for the party in october at the U4.....

hopefully more wind in the next days because our liver is suffering from the no wind program :)

so have fun during the summer guys, we are looking forward to Jeri....

cu u soon

Friday, July 3, 2009

Do it, do it, do it good!

here is a short update, I already tried to work a little bit on our movie!

Adobe Premiere is not that easy .... @ ALEX help, help, help!!!!!

Now I also got my new cell phone Nokia N96, really nice and a great camera! as you see on the picture!

Four days to go! Fuerte we see us soon!

let the good times roll!

Da TEAM (Tisi, Maui, Lorenz)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ready for takeoff ???!!!

A new team wants to present its members.

First of all we have Martin “Leni” Lenhardt. The “father” of the young group xD! He had the grandiosely idea to fly to Fuerteventura, where we will film a big part of our video. He will also be the one to ask if we have any problems with photography or filming.

The next one is Markus alias Rusty. Sir Volcan is highly motivated and will go for the craziest freestyle stuff to pose in front of his girlfriend ;D.

Our last emerging member is Flo(wGee). A tiny younggun from the camping site of podersdorf. Together with Rusty he regularly shreds the lagoon of the camping site with his new North sails and Fanatic freestyleboard.

This summer these three shredders will capture the most spectacular video for the contest. Or will try to do so xD.

Stay tuned for more updates of us and be prepared for an insane video contest in October 2009!!

Cheers and fasten your seatbelts xD

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Money, Money, Money

Hey guys,

to all who registered for VIP-Package, please transfer the money by the beginning of next week!!!

Some of you already paid - thanks for your quick transaction. Finally we have one VIP-Package left, so go for it!