Monday, August 31, 2009

last days...

enjoying the last days on mauritius...looks like a last nice session on wednesday...
tom will stay for 2 more weeks!
cu at the lake!

Friday, August 28, 2009

underdog project arrived at Karpathos!

After 3 days of hard winds, a lot of sun and some skill improvement, the wind dropped a bit today. The forecast tells us, that there will be some time for ouzo experiments on the weekend and some full power sailing the following week!

Concerning the movie, we are recording action quite dedicated because time is running out!

the underdog project

Sometimes it's hard to be a surfer

Back home, working a little bit on our video! Next week I will go to vienna to finish the movie
and start learning for my exam! Damn!!!!!
But now its time the use the brain again, after this summer it could be hard, hehe!

Greeting to micho and tisi and all the other crews!

let the good times roll!

pic by red bull mobile nokia N96

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


after one week in brazil we finally live the tranquillo style of Jeri.....the village is great, also the cheap cocktails make the life here in jeri very easy.....because its caipi time every evening....surfing here in Jeri is okey, we got good conditions the last the moment it looks like the internet is working better, so we can give more updates.....greeezzz from sunny jeri

Monday, August 24, 2009

stars on the island

and because it is that much fun and we have a pretty good bar with a good internet connection and even better cocktails we put another update online!
Some days ago we had another day without wind and filmed some other things than windsurfing!
have a look at the pic and AGAIN ecpect a nice video!
Alex, Tom

Searching for THE island...

Due to the wind conditions at the moment...we decided to look for an other spot which works with northeast-east winds....and surprise surprise there are some...
so expect some nice footage from a secret spot at mauritius!
Alex, Tom

Some Pics of a relly nice session

Go for the "lederne"

let the good times roll!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

big waves and strong wind

very nice conditions this morning. unfortunately it 's nobody of our team on the picture but the rider on the pic is very famous and showed big moves - we gonna try to copy them tomorrow. keulekeulemessnermessner aka team mfc

Thursday, August 20, 2009

SUP at Wolfgangsee

two days ago I came back home after 6 weeks in fuerte. strange feelings, suddenly the nature is
green and no flying sand ..... but no wind!

Today we had a really nice SUP-session, great for such summerdays! I was surprised at the boards, they are also perfect for our lakes, to check them out from a different view! This weekend i will go to "chiemsee" maybe we have some wind, would be nice!

Mitcho should be also in vienna right now and from tisi you already got an update, greets to them and all the other teams!

let the good times roll!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

boat trip-austrian-style feat.lake alliance

Finally we are back on the blog!!! srz for the lack of updates but it is not so easy to get online in paradise! there´s not much going on here we had some nice days with wind,glassy waves, sun, liquid sunshine, rum and much more...
now we are looking forward to have some windy days...
so here is a small comic to our fishing trip last week...the main actors of the Comics are:
Max, Tom, Motz, Alex, Manu the fisher, and many more
ok have to go back and enjoy the bbq again!


Monday, August 17, 2009


After my 10 days "prisonbreak" without windsurfing back in graz dahab was coming at the perfect time !!!
Since I am here dahab is showing his best contition .Every day wind for 4,2 and 4,7 .
today we had our first foto session at 6 o´clock in the morning.Just four sailers were out !!!!PERFECT!!!!!
nice greetz to all groups especially to micho and lorenz(haut rein)

Friday, August 14, 2009


yesterday we had a really nice evening session with our german friends!

After a bad, bad hangover yesterday morning we decided to go for a surf to la pared and i think
it was one off my best days, i cought 2 waves, hehehehe!!!!

In the evening martin lenhardt tried some nice things with his camera, i think the pics are really nice, but sometimes you look so stupid if you try something, hihi! have look!

Maurico is on the way to get better, but still not completely fit, get well soon, dude!

and i think tisi is lost in dahab!!!!!!! come on dude, give us sign of life!

let the good times roll

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


good conditions here in paradise and we recognized that the fish here are a bit bigger than in Austria.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

today no wind...

... so we went for a hike in the backyard of our house. beautiful scenery!!! at the end of our walk we ended up in a small bitch (that's how the locals call the beach) bar with hot chicks and cheap caipis - mhm. the way home took us a bit longer.......

flatwater ... without wind!

Actually, team "underdog project" is still at home and daily checking windforecast for lake neusiedl! After some windy days during the last weeks, right now it's calm again. Some skill-improvement has already been witnessed, some minor material damage too ;-)

Whilst some teams are already back from their summer-exile, our D.O.D. (day of departure) is coming closer! Our next update will be posted under the greek sun, the influence of some ouzo and after some hard'n'heavy session on the aegean sea!

Chrisi, Habschi, Tomme, Raphi

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Game Over"

Some days ago we went for a late evening session, as the wind is back for 4.2 sails again. Fully motivated we grabed our video cams, and wanted to catch some nice footage in the sunset.

We were pushing each other for the sickest moves, and highest airtimes, so that Micho got to motivated and finally knocked himself out in the knee-high water.

So there’s just Lorenz left on the canarian water, as Tisi is already back in Austria and preparing for his next Trip to Dahab.

Micho does the best of that situation and chills now in the sun with cool beer for himself and his „big foot“.

In the meantime Lorenz is destroying his material again =)

„Ai Caramba!“

Freaky Birds Back in town

Due to our lack of consequence we didn´t manage to give you an update during our holidays… But now we´re back on the working track and start the 3rd phase of our video production. But first of all we give you a short wrap up of our trip to the canaries:

10 days Gran Canaria luckily meant it good with our equipment. Just one boom had to face his technical limits and just one foot has made acquaintance with the Pozo reef leaving several wounds to be treated…. But Gran Canaria didn´t show off his wildest side. So our newbies were able to train in the wave within “small” Pozo conditions.

To pick up the rest of our team in Fuerte we took the ferry to Morrojable… And: Never seen anything like that… People puking all over the boat. You can not imagine!!!!! The swell has taken it´s toll… Seems like spanish people don´t like the open sea ;)

In Fuerte we had two days with light wind conditions which was ideal for our team mum to get used to Sotavento. After these days the wind picked up again.
full power...... Yehaaaa ;)

After some days of party, meeting friends and other teams, surfing, boggie boarding and stolen windscreen wipers on our rally corsa
(Yes, somebody really stole the wipers!!!!!) the worst happened: It was Calima time… Meaning nearly 50 degrees, mosquitoes and no sleep… Man it was unbelievable hot during day and night. Some of us were sleeping on the terrace and we spend 2 days moving between the living room and the pool of our bungalow… So the pool really paid off. We even had a big water fight in one of Costa Calmas clubs which ended drunk, broke, dirty and completely wet at the floor of the bar :)

At the end of the trip the wind and the waves picked up again so we had some good sessions on the water to round up a nice time at the canaries… Unforunately we had to say goodbye to Max new friend the Pertersfish. All in all we had a lot of fun and hopefully some usefull scenes for the video....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

team mfc arrived in south america

perfect waves . good wind . friendly people . nice girls . schweinegrippe (had to fill out 5 forms on the flight) :-D . awesome sunsets . nothing more to say