Wednesday, December 9, 2009

sick day under the bridge!!

had a nice session under the bridge...a bit cold but still ok for beginning of december in Austria!
pics by max schanda!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AS Vids and Pics

sorry guys for the delay, but here are now some pics and some vids from the contest!


we also have more surfaction, we will upload them soon - hopefully ;)

Hope you like it!
Surfing testicles

Karpathos 2009

Los Schwucolos

Impressions of an endless summer

Man vs wind - Freaky birds

Windsurfing Heros


Thursday, November 5, 2009


Austrian-Style Freestyle Weeks!

29. März 2010 um 08:00

16. April 2010 um 11:00



Austrian-Style Freestyle Week:

What is it about?

A Windsurf vacation with friends and professional windsurf coaching!

You will be coached by Lorenz Forstenlechner and Alex Seyss, both Windsurf instructors (VÖWS) and both competing on the European Freestyle Tour!

If you want to join an unbelieveable windsurf holiday and increase your skills you have to take part!

We will organise accomodation with breakfast, gear rental or storage, your transfers and the windsurf coaching! And all this for just:

1 week: 250,- Euros

2 weeks: 350,- Euros

(if you stay e.g for 10 days we will adapt the price to the duration you will stay!)

It is your choice when you join us in Dahab between the 29th of march and the 16th of april!

So just tell us if you want to come and book your flights! So hurry up and "get on the train" because we just have 10-15 places!

if you have any questions or you need more information or you already want to book write us a mail:



Everyone is welcome!

We are looking forward to unbelieveable weeks in Dahab!

See you there!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Damn, to much pics from the austrian-style contest! we are sorting the pics the whole last week and writting the report!!!!
We hope we can show you most of the pictures and a detailed report of the event at the end of this week!
Thanks for coming

your austrian-style crew

Sunday, October 18, 2009


to the whole crew of the austrian style get2gether windsurf contest!!
It was an amazing weekend of fun, sport and of course party!!

We had a lot of action on the water but even more action in the legendary U4 and martinskeller.

Let's hope for another version of this amazing contest next year!!!!

Thanks once again to Alex, Lolo and Tom

Cheers Flow

Friday, October 16, 2009

2nd day...wind again!

Today we had 2 more runs! A new chance for the riders to get a better ranking!
The first "fans" arrived at the lake and were watching the heats!
Tonight we will have dinner at the "Seerestaurant" in Weiden and a small Pre-Party in the
Red Bull Mobile tent with Hot Bull and some other drinks! After that we will have the riders party at the famous "Martinskeller" in Podersdorf!
So who wants to come don´t hesitate and join will be sick!

See you later!

The ranking of the first 2 days:

1. Michael Sumereder
2. Alex Seyss
3. Max Matissek
4. Lorenz Forstenlechner
5. Chri Reisch
6. Lenhart Martin
7. Lang Marco
8. Berger Rene
9. Kraschitzer Mathias
10. Reinelt Flo
11. Zimmermann Mathias
12. Schranz Markus
13. Vostry Markus
DNS: Mauricio Alvarez

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Results first day!

First day of the windsurf contest in Weiden. Full power conditions for 4,2!
The result after the first day is:

1. Michael Sumereder
2. Alex Seyss
3. Max Matissek
4. Lorenz Forstenlechner

The next days look like some wind get your ass to weiden and enter the competition!

Pics of the U4 Video Contest:

cu tomorrow

pics: lorenz, max, alex, sumsi!

best party in town!

thanks for was awesome and we are all still alive. more infos and pics soon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thursday, 15.10.2009....skippersmeeting NEW TIME!

Because of the wind forecast headjudge Tom Hartmann decided to make the registration at 9.oo and at 10.00 the skippersmeeting! The first heats will be as soon as possible after the skippersmeeting!
please try to be on time! If it is not possible to be there don´t worry just come and register later!
the contest format allows you to get in the competition later and you have no disadvantage except the wind goes down or is less strong...
cu this weekend!


Here we have the final result for the blog updates!

1. Impressions of an endless summer (Rusty, Flow, Martin)
2. The Underdog Project (Chrisi, Tommy, Habschi, Raphi)
3. Freaky Birds (Max, Gernot, Kerstin)
Surfing Testicles (Bergee, Marco, Klemens)
Lake Alliance (Max, Motz)
6. Lisa, Simon

Tomorrow night at U4 judges will rate the videos and the people in the U4 will give their votes!

These 3 results will be count together and we will have the winning team crowned tomorrow!

So get ready for tomorrow night....we will rock the U4!!!!!!!

sick day!

yo guys we are at weiden preparing the tents and the event for u! had a sick session now!
gusts up to 9 bft!!!
most of the guys are already here preparing for some stormy conditions!
see u at U4 tomorrow!!!

last question

Who really wants the "lederne? Check out all questions and come to the 9er Bräu and present
us your answers!

Who is the headsponsor of the austrian-style get-2gether contest?

you can still answer the other questions:
- who of the austrian-style crew had to puke during his heat at the haweiden freestyle battle? (sorry dude, hehe)
- How many members has austrian-style?
- What is the name of the DVD, we will present in the U4 beside the clips of our videocrews?
- Who won our last event the "haweiden freestyle-battle"?
- Who was the youngest Judge at the first haweiden freestyle battle?

See you all tomorrow!

Monday, October 12, 2009

fasten your seatbelt


WOOHOOO, what a forecast. Looks like all peppi* wearing dudes have to stay at home ;-)

*peppi = toupet

Also the LAKE ALLIANCE will be on the water in Haweiden tomorrow. RIG your smallest sails! (rusty you have borrow a 2.0m2 ;-P)
AND YESSSS, we are also looking forward to Wednesday like all the others. ;-)

->eat at least 1kg Rips and drink at least one bottle of pure OIL before entering U4 on wednesday evening....
;-P you know why!!


go get ready!

'nough said!

underdog project

perfect conditions

the last days were very windy and perfect contitions for training
everybody was on the water expect me...i had/have to lern for the AFZ-exam on thuesday
so please keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow =P
after passing the exam i will drive to the car repair shop to pick up my car and then directly to the lake to meet flow on the water
hope to see also some of the other guys

so long...i have to study

ps: i hope the wind will stay, not only getting f***ing "arsch" cold without wind

next days!!!

looks like some fun at lake neusiedl! who wants to join us don´t hesitate and come to weiden!

5. Question

Good morning guys, damn I still destroyed from yesterday!
Was a nice session, thanks to all for coming and a special thanks to our cameramen!!!

So, next question:

who of the austrian-style crew had to puke during his heat at the haweiden freestyle battle? (sorry dude, hehe)

- How many members has austrian-style?
- What is the name of the DVD, we will present in the U4 beside the clips of our videocrews?
- Who won our last event the "haweiden freestyle-battle"?
- Who was the youngest Judge at the first haweiden freestyle battle?

(you still can answer the other questions, if you have not answered yet!)

see you hopefully on the lake the next days, looks awesome, and on wednesday at the U4!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

nearly on the way to vienna

okey.... 3 days left....and we offer you some pix of our be prepared for the whole action on wednesday...gonna be an awesome

puh... back from the lake...

probably like everyone compleately destroyed after this surfing sunday at the Gatschlackn our heads will soon rest on our pillows.... Need to catch some hours of additional sleep before a hard week starts on wednesday... We really used this weekend to train hard :) especially Chri tried to work on his performance :) We just say: 76.... Yesss we liiiiike....

And it´s going to be a fucking freezing time in our trailer next week... brrrrrrrrr... but we are looking forward to a hopefully windy and successful time for all of us... see U guys on Wednesday...


Gernot, Max and Kerstin

4th Question

Good morning "hawis", I received so many right answers, so I think we have to make the questions more difficult!
here is the 4 th question!

Who was the youngest Judge at the first haweiden freestyle battle?

- How many members has austrian-style?
- What is the name of the DVD, we will present in the U4 beside the clips of our videocrews?
- Who won our last event the "haweiden freestyle-battle"?

I go to check the beach! Who will come to Podersdorf today? Do not forget your event lycras, maybe we will shoot again!!!!

let the good times roll

LAKE ALLIANCE Is proud to announce another special!

the TEASER of our Video HEARTBEATS

check it out!!!


Saturday, October 10, 2009


another day, another question

Who won our last event the "haweiden freestyle-battle"?

here are the questions of the last two days (you can still answer them)

- How many members has austrian-style?
- What is the name of the DVD, we will present in the U4 beside the clips of our videocrews?

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Announcement: NEW u4-SPECIAL

YOOOOO Boys 'n'Girls!!

We have to announce that we could organize a new special for the U4-Party on Wednesday:

*DRUMS(like in circus)* *BAAAANG!!!!!!* : Bollywood-star MAX "THE FREEEEEZER" MATISSEK is celebrating his birthday officially on Wednesday the 14th in U4!!!!
So be prepared for some extra drinks!!

Take a look at this pic ... made by Stefan Csaky himself in Mauritius.
A small PRE-TASTE :-) of the freestyle-footage we got for our Bollywood B-Movie "LA HEARTBEATS" ;-P

BR the lake alliance

Goooooooooooood morning AUSTRIA!!!

Damn, after a super hard night of promotion in Vienna for the get-2gehter Contest, I think
I have had a food poisoning yesterday!
Nevertheless, I am awake for you to give you the next question for the lottery. Just to remember, here is the question of yesterday (you can still answer it)!

How many members has austrian-style?

and the new one:

What is the name of the DVD, we will present in the U4 beside the clips of our videocrews?

Fuck, I think I have to speak with the WC-DUCK!

Till then, hehe


Yo, boys'n'girls!

sorry, for not bloging such a long time.
but as you may know, we've been in a country far away for some month.
the internet wasnt invented yet there. thats why we couldnt post anything. :-s

we (matt "the thunder" zimmermann 'n' freeeeezing "icy" macmäx van matissek) are proud to anounce that our bollywood-B-production-movie is finished and that its on the way to your home-town-cinema.

BY THE WAY: on the pic v.l.t.r : ME (let my beard grow and became a worrier of Jihad ->check out my new homepage: ), MOTZ (he took a lot of hard drugs such as the famous "la gaulette speed balls" and of course RED BULL ;-P, he is completely into rave-music now and pierced everything from nose to the front piece of his tiny penis... strange guy... but im still lovin' him.. ;-)


br. max

Thursday, October 8, 2009

may i introduce to you...

Hey Guys and Girls!

We'd like to introduce to you the protagonists of our upcoming movie!
These 4 characters are going to rock the screens of the u4 in less than a week! To get to know them in detail, you gotta move your ass there!

See you there!

Raphi Chrisi Habschi Tomme way back

the surfing testicles also preparing for a hard night in vienna and the surfing contest at Neusiedlersee.... It´s only one week to go, and we slowly start to pack the right stuff for next week. Luckily we got our new testicles in time... always important to have the right balls for the right situation....sooo, the guys from UA-Kingdom are well prepared for next week...

coming soon across Vienna... :)

be prepared for Freaky Birds...

Videocontest Trailer from Freaky Birds

austrian-style lottery

as we announced yesterday, today starts the austrian-style lottery!
6 question in 6 days! Who is able to answer them?

First prize = a real austrian "lederne"

let's get it on, here is the first question:

How many members has austrian-style?

If you know the answer, write me an e-mail (!

check out

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking forward to a (hopefully) windy weekend.... be able to train for the upcoming competition next week.

Our team just can't wait for the premiere of our very first self-made Trip-Video!!!

cheers FLO

RANKING of the Blog Updates!

Here we have the first results of the video contest blog updates:

1. "los schwucolos" (Micho, Tisi, Lorenz)
2. "Impressions of an endless summer" (Rusty, Flow, Martin)
3. "Underdog Project" (Raphi, Chrisi, Habschi, Thomas)
4. "freaky birds" (Max, Gernot, Kerstin)
"surfing testicles" (Bergee, Klemens, Marco)
6. "lake alliance" (Mäxchen, Motzchen)
8. Simon, Lisa, Mo

These results will be counted as one of 3 parts in the end result!
maybe you can still change them! We will count the updates until sunday!
please no ballocks creative!

Attention, Attention

The time is running and we have the ass full of work, BUT tomorrow the "austrian-style-lottery" starts!
What can you win?

A real austrian "lederne"
you get everyday one question concerning the austrian-style crew and the get-2gether Contest until wednesday the
14th October their will be announced the right answers!

All in all you get 6 questions to answer!

Winner is who has all or most of the questions right and is the first at "9er Bräu" on Wednesday 14th October
and will get his real austrian "lederne"! (start at 9er Bräu 6 p.m.)

so be prepared, to answer some hard questions also check out

let the good times roll

Monday, October 5, 2009

ready for rummble!!

the video is finish and on the way to lorenz =)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

nerds in the house!

As usual, we are about to finish our work just on the very last possible day!

After a weekend of cutting and fiddling, we are ready to release our movie-clip!

Chrisi Habschi Raphi Tomme

Thursday, October 1, 2009

get your videos ready!

Just to remember you! please send us your videos as soon as possible! we need them beginning of next week! And please take your 10 best lifestyle and 10 best surfmoves and send them together with yuor main video on an extra cd!

so hurry up and finish your vids!
Just 2 weeks left to the u4!

cu there

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It looks like some wind today! so everyone who has time can join us! we will film at podersdorf for the contest in 2 weeks! we will be at the beach around 11! Nordstrand!
cu u there!

Monday, September 28, 2009

like always....

Well well well…. exactly 7 days till the closing date… Meaning still some long nights of cutting left….

As always the problems with PC´s arise if you really don’t need them…. So first of all Max external storage gave up and then the laptop of Gernot seemed to stop working.

Hell yes, but we managed get both working again yesterday…. Yehaaaaa!!!!!!!

so....hoping not to get in any troubles and preparing for a very nice evening at the U4 and hopefully a lot of wind for the contest….

Gernot, Max and Kerstin

Thursday, September 24, 2009

straight to the finishline

later it's after 23 o'clock and we are still working on our video =)
did you see all the cans??...all of them are it will be a long night without sleeping
looking forward to working tomorrow...hehe

see you at martinskeller

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Finally i have all our moves on my mac, now i start cutting...i hope we will be able to finish it till the 5th of oct =)
everything at the last school =P

so see you next week at the lake guys
hangloose rusty

Massive Moves!!

Check out the link...

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Aaaaand here we have another surprise for you!

We will have the official FOUR DIMENSIONS premiere in Austria on the same night as the video contest - 14.Oct. 2009!!! - at the famous U4 in Vienna!
And as a special guest Andre Paskoswki will be there...telling us something about the Movie!

So get prepared for THE NIGHT!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

After catching some nice waves last week and a 30 hours flight back home yesterday, i'm still stoked back in vienna!!
cu soon dudes!


Hey GUys!

Please send us the Videos as soon as possible. We need to give then to the audio engineer of the U4.

And please try to make the vids not longer than 5 minutes!


The CRew

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


...another sponsor we made a deal with yesterday!

There will be a 40 euro bonus for every rider who registers for the Windsurf Contest in Weiden at the famous HANGLOOSE SURFSHOP in Vienna for your shopping activities!

So hurry up and get registered!

your crew

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Yo Guys time to register for the Windsurf Contest 15.10.-18.10.2009! As u can see on the program the contest starts on thursday enough time to relax after the opening party at U4!

So get preregistered that we know how many we can expact and get some stuff ready for u...surprise, surprise:)

See you soon!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Program RRD Austrian-Style Get-2gether:

Mi, 14.10.2009:

ab 18 Uhr: 9er Bräu: - Welcome Drink for Video Teams
- All you can eat: Spareribs (included in Entry Fee for Video contest!)
- 20l Beer for 16 VIP-Rider
- Vodka Special for all Riders

21.30.: Departure U4 VIP-Rider

21.45.: Dep for the rest to U4

22.15.: Meeting point in front of U4 (Entrance of all Riders at the same time; guest list)

22.45.: VIP-Area for all riders and Vodkaspecial!

24.00.: Präsentation of the Videos

ca 01.30.: Price Giving

Open End!

Do, 15.10.2009:

11.00-12.30: Registration Weiden am See

13.00: Skippersmeeting

13.30-18.00: Competition

Fr, 16.10.2009:

8.00-8.30: Regstration

9.00: Skippersmeeting

9.30-18.00: Competition

in case of no wind 14.00: Windsurf Olympics, 2010 Windsurf Equipment

ab 19.00:Dinner at Seerestaurant (menue offers!)

ab 22.00: Party (Martinskeller: Drinking Special for Rider!)

Open End

Sa, 17.10.2009

8.30-9.00: Registration

9.30: Skippersmeeting

10.00-18.00: Competition

in case of no wind 14.00: Windsurf Olympics, 2010 Windsurf Equipment

19.00: Free Dinner for Riders at Podo Bar(Drinking Special)

22.00: Party

Open End

So, 18.10.2010

8.30-9.00: Registration

9.30: Skippersmeeting

10.00-14.00: Competition

in case of no wind 14.00: Windsurf Olympics, 2010 Windsurf Equipment

15.00: Price Giving

searching for a spot...

....still windy in jeri. we decided to search for a different spot in jericoacoara. We found a perfect lagoon. 40 km away from jeri. On the way with our beachbuggy we found the perfect testicle for every girl from here to's big and full of stickles, for the perfect massage :)
we enjoy our last two weeks in brazil.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


We not really celebrate the get2gether with some oft the other crews....we only celebrate the 23rd birthday of lorenz(6.9.)!!!! with a zünftigen weißwurscht and a cold weißbier in the right ledanen!! rusty

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The return

Finally also some other teams returned to austria!

Last saturday we celebrated the get-2gether with other crews with a little "Oktoberfest"! It was
pretty nice - many things to tell about the trips and the filming the editing, ......

I am really looking forward to see some of these movies and to hear more funny stories about
our other crews.

let the good times roll
regards lorenz

pics by red bull mobile nokia n96

Monday, August 31, 2009

last days...

enjoying the last days on mauritius...looks like a last nice session on wednesday...
tom will stay for 2 more weeks!
cu at the lake!

Friday, August 28, 2009

underdog project arrived at Karpathos!

After 3 days of hard winds, a lot of sun and some skill improvement, the wind dropped a bit today. The forecast tells us, that there will be some time for ouzo experiments on the weekend and some full power sailing the following week!

Concerning the movie, we are recording action quite dedicated because time is running out!

the underdog project

Sometimes it's hard to be a surfer

Back home, working a little bit on our video! Next week I will go to vienna to finish the movie
and start learning for my exam! Damn!!!!!
But now its time the use the brain again, after this summer it could be hard, hehe!

Greeting to micho and tisi and all the other crews!

let the good times roll!

pic by red bull mobile nokia N96

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


after one week in brazil we finally live the tranquillo style of Jeri.....the village is great, also the cheap cocktails make the life here in jeri very easy.....because its caipi time every evening....surfing here in Jeri is okey, we got good conditions the last the moment it looks like the internet is working better, so we can give more updates.....greeezzz from sunny jeri

Monday, August 24, 2009

stars on the island

and because it is that much fun and we have a pretty good bar with a good internet connection and even better cocktails we put another update online!
Some days ago we had another day without wind and filmed some other things than windsurfing!
have a look at the pic and AGAIN ecpect a nice video!
Alex, Tom

Searching for THE island...

Due to the wind conditions at the moment...we decided to look for an other spot which works with northeast-east winds....and surprise surprise there are some...
so expect some nice footage from a secret spot at mauritius!
Alex, Tom

Some Pics of a relly nice session

Go for the "lederne"

let the good times roll!