Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The shit is boiling

So the hole team arrived and even two other teams are already in fuerte! Sick!

The conditions are quite normal for fuerte, 40 knots, chop, party, ...

We have destroyed so much stuff, unbeliveable:

-F2 Chili
-Naish Freestyle 100
-Naish Session 4.0
-Naish Session 4.7

Nevertheless the level is getting higher and higher, we push each other, Tisi is already quite close to the waterstart one-handed, we think "HE PULLS" it tomorrow.

Some days ago, we went to the north and we cought some NICE conditions, 4.7 with ramps aroung 2 meter and wind sideshore from the right!

Today we were fliping the burgers around, big big BBQ, niiiiiiiiiiice!

let the good times roll
tisi, micho, lorenz

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