Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ready for takeoff ???!!!

A new team wants to present its members.

First of all we have Martin “Leni” Lenhardt. The “father” of the young group xD! He had the grandiosely idea to fly to Fuerteventura, where we will film a big part of our video. He will also be the one to ask if we have any problems with photography or filming.

The next one is Markus alias Rusty. Sir Volcan is highly motivated and will go for the craziest freestyle stuff to pose in front of his girlfriend ;D.

Our last emerging member is Flo(wGee). A tiny younggun from the camping site of podersdorf. Together with Rusty he regularly shreds the lagoon of the camping site with his new North sails and Fanatic freestyleboard.

This summer these three shredders will capture the most spectacular video for the contest. Or will try to do so xD.

Stay tuned for more updates of us and be prepared for an insane video contest in October 2009!!

Cheers and fasten your seatbelts xD

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