Friday, June 26, 2009

Next Teamupdate...

Well… now it seems to be our turn….

Unfortunately we do not have a team name until now… Seems like Podersdorf weekends at MK have some contribution to that….

We are in the middle of the preparations for holidays and contest. The last injuries are getting cured, scars treated, doctors visited, the first-aid kit equipped with Ducktape, Parkemed and lots of Aspirin, and last but not least creditcard limits raised.

We, meaning Max as Mr. appendix, Gernot the Airjibe candidate and Kerstin the teabagsurfing team-mum, will catch the flight to grancanaria at 11th of July to crashtest our equipment. Later we take the ferry to Fuerte to shoot the rest of the video. As there are several other teams having their summer headquarters in Fuerte we still have to work out detailed “anti-spy” arrangements. We are worried especially about Flo and Rusty as camping neighbours … You can see it written all over their faces that they plan something… :)

If there are any breaking news :) we keep you updated…. We are looking forward having a good time in Fuerte with a lot of wind and the other teams… As Berni is always saying: Keep the scene alive…. So thanks guys for your effort arranging the contest!

CU soon,

Gernot, Max und Kerstin

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