Friday, August 7, 2009

Freaky Birds Back in town

Due to our lack of consequence we didn´t manage to give you an update during our holidays… But now we´re back on the working track and start the 3rd phase of our video production. But first of all we give you a short wrap up of our trip to the canaries:

10 days Gran Canaria luckily meant it good with our equipment. Just one boom had to face his technical limits and just one foot has made acquaintance with the Pozo reef leaving several wounds to be treated…. But Gran Canaria didn´t show off his wildest side. So our newbies were able to train in the wave within “small” Pozo conditions.

To pick up the rest of our team in Fuerte we took the ferry to Morrojable… And: Never seen anything like that… People puking all over the boat. You can not imagine!!!!! The swell has taken it´s toll… Seems like spanish people don´t like the open sea ;)

In Fuerte we had two days with light wind conditions which was ideal for our team mum to get used to Sotavento. After these days the wind picked up again.
full power...... Yehaaaa ;)

After some days of party, meeting friends and other teams, surfing, boggie boarding and stolen windscreen wipers on our rally corsa
(Yes, somebody really stole the wipers!!!!!) the worst happened: It was Calima time… Meaning nearly 50 degrees, mosquitoes and no sleep… Man it was unbelievable hot during day and night. Some of us were sleeping on the terrace and we spend 2 days moving between the living room and the pool of our bungalow… So the pool really paid off. We even had a big water fight in one of Costa Calmas clubs which ended drunk, broke, dirty and completely wet at the floor of the bar :)

At the end of the trip the wind and the waves picked up again so we had some good sessions on the water to round up a nice time at the canaries… Unforunately we had to say goodbye to Max new friend the Pertersfish. All in all we had a lot of fun and hopefully some usefull scenes for the video....

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